Apr 252020

Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona
November 19, 2004

While I was living in Sedona, Arizona, my nephew Brian came down to look at a few colleges in Arizona to possibly attend. During his visit we drove up to the Grand Canyon. This was just before Thanksgiving, so to spend time with family after, we drove to Santa Rosa, California for the holiday that year.

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Nov 242003

Arches National Park
November 24, 2003 near Moab, Utah

We stopped at Arches on the Thanksgiving Train Amtrak nightmare trip to San Francisco.

We had driven from Sedona, Arizona to catch the train in Green River, Utah, so we stopped at arches along the way.

The train, as scheduled, wasn’t going to arrive at 5 PM, instead at rescheduled for 3 AM, so being that there was extra time we back-tracked the rail route to Grand Junction, Colorado to eat and hang out.

the Train arrived around 1 AM, so all the best scenery views we now in the dark, the second day on the train, they were out of food, except “beef stew”… slow no glamour meal and only 1 meal… then instead of getting into Oakland at 5 pm, it was 5 am… with a bus to sf.

The trip back was much better and with the car parked in Grand Junction, drove back through some incredible Colorado mountains.