Apr 182011

Bob was in Portland for a convention, on April 18, 2010, so we drove him out sightseeing on the Columbia Gorge. Stopping at the lookout, multnoma falls, then a drive up to The Dalles, then back to Hood River to take the Highway to Government Camp.

Above Govey, went to Timberline Lodge and had a great dinner.



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Apr 022011

Benefit Gorge Jazz Concert
The Dalles, Oregon, USA
April 10, 2011

In The Dalles, Oregon, performed on 10-Apr-2011 with The Gorge Jazz band at The Dalles Civic Auditorium led by Sam Grotte.

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Apr 122010

Buenos Aires, Argentina

April 12, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Leaving for north, the last day of the trip

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Apr 112010

Buenos Aires, Argentina

April 11, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Evita museum, and San Telmo and Boca Neighborhoods

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Apr 102010

Tigres, Argentina

April 10, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Two trains from retiro station in buenos aires, a switch to the tren de la costa got us out to Tigres for a great day and a boat tour around the canals.

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Apr 072010

Salta, Argentina and Border Chile
April 7, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

The Train to the Clouds goes early morning from Salta, Argentina up and over the border of Chile to a large bridge called La Polvorilla.  

Then a return on the same line, back.

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Apr 062010

Mendoza, Argentina
April 6-8, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

We took an 18 hour bus ride from Mendoza, Argentina to Salta, Argentina to go on the tourst railroad called Tren De La Nubes but enjoyed the town of Salta while there.

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Apr 042010

Mendoza, Argentina

April 4-5, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Not a full 24 hours but over night and enough time to wander around Mendoza, Argentina before heading off again on a long 18 hour bus ride to Salta


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Apr 042010

Andes Crossing, Chile and Argentina
April 4, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

On Easter Sunday, a bus over the Andes from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina.  The bus was double decker where we sat above the driver in the front.  Beautiful but at time very frightening.

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Apr 032010

Sewell Mine, Chile

April 3,  2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Sewell, a Unesco World site is an old abandoned mining town, with an active mine underneath.  First in the day after taking a bus from Santiago and seeing some more earthquake damage on the way was seeing the old town on the mountain.  lunch then suit up to go in the mine way in the mountain to see an amazing huge crystal.


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Apr 012010

Santiago, Chile

April 1 – 2, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Santiago, Chilie was a bit, or a lot smoggy, but was one of the reasons for going to South America.  The Earthquake had happened not long before and there were getting no tourists and asking people to come so we did.  It was strange with the ‘catwalks’ all down on the sides of the freeway/highways and overpasses gone, and the cracks in every wall of the hotel.


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Mar 182010

Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 22, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

This was the first day of the first trip to South America.  Why SA? Well the cedar pollen and spring was going wild in the north and the idea of a trip to the southern hemisphere came up.   Go to Australia and New Zealand where english is spoken or Argentina and Chile where spanish is spoken.  The descision to go to South America was made for two reasons.  One, because it was going to be easter, and had hopes for maybe some grand parades of some sort which we were unable to find.  The second was that Chile had just had its major earthquake and nobody was visiting there and they were begging for visitors to come.  So we found a cheap flight to get us to Argentina from Seattle since Portland had zero flights that could get us out because of the holiday, spring breaks, etc.   So drove up, stayed the night, flew to Argentina.  The trip was not planned on where to go at all until getting into Argentina, so there was not super amounts of touristy stuff done on the first day or two.  Just hotel and “flight” booking.

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Apr 202003

Broken Arrow Trail
Sedona, Arizona, USA
April 20, 2003

Went on the broken arrow trail in Sedona, Arizona for the first jeep road in the new jeep rubicon, well it was new that day!

The broken arrow trail was normally used for the Tourist pink jeep tours, but its public land that they kept in good shape for 4×4

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