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My Picture Best Of 2001
San Francisco and Hawaii

This is a gallery of a few of the pictures from that year.

Although there are a couple of pictures from the end of 2000 when first getting the good digital nikon, here is a summary what happened in 2001.

At the end of 2000 we took a trip to hawaii on Christmas. Sitting on the deck at Will (who worked for me at the time) and Anita on the North shore, the waves crashing and the relaxation made for the idea of, lets move here! The next days were looking at a few houses and finding one that seemed great, peaked ceiling, lots of land, a way bigger version of the condo in San Francisco. Lots of rooms.

We put an offer in on the house and it was excepted. Flew back to San Francisco and on 3/1/2001 headed for the island. Purchased some patio furniture to live on, and waited for the furniture to come in the big steel box.

When you move to hawaii, a lot of people want to come visit. During the year my parents, my sister and her daughter, my other sister, her husband and 2 kids (each kid getting an extra week) and lisa and corey.. had great fun, always having dinner parties and lots of bon fires at the neighbors joe and luana’s place. We had all the best neighbors, Bob and May up the street and Scott and Marianne bought the house directly across.

The house had needed some work and a beam in the lower floor had to be replaced because of some Termite damage which made a big mess of my office. The back yard was a completely overgrown with ferns that were 5 feet tall. You would cut them down and they would come right back.

The banana trees were great, best bananas I’ve ever had. Planting a garden became difficult because wild boar would come up in mass and eat it all once it started growing so some hunters had to come in.

It was definitely a great year working from there, but had an outbreak of the shingles which still give me pain today.

Of couse things changed in the world when I flew back for work on september 10th. Because of the time change I couldn’t sleep so I was watching TV as the planes hit the towers . It was quite scary to be sitting in san francisco with everyone you know in bed asleep, wondering what was going to be hit there. I was only supposed to be there for 2 days, but was stuck a week. When finally able to fly back to hawaii I got off the plane and instead of being greeted with a lei, there were military with machine guns.

But life did go on from there with many many changes.

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