Mar 052015

El Fortin de Santa Rosa, Uruguay

on March 5, 2015

After the first long day of movers packing the belongings that were to be shipped back to the USA, went down to the beach and great friends Cristian and Juan were in the surf, first time try for Juan.  A bit of tranquilo and memory making after a long day.


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Mar 312010

Argentina and Chile

March 31, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

This was a long but exciting day, leaving the hotel in Bariloche, Argentina before dark, hopping on a bus to take us to a boat, that took us across a lake, to check out of Agentina, to get on a bus and go through a jungle, where the luggage truck went off the road during the rain, then check in for Chile, then stop and eat, before busing to the next boat, then busing to Puerto Montt, Chile… The rain was bad almost the whole day, except for at the end of the last lake sadly so it wasn’t as spectacular as it should have been.  But now in a new country.

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Mar 302010

Bariloche, Argentina
March 30, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

A day in Bariloche, wandering town, doing laundry, finding a good mexican restaurant! Watching the police practice rescues and the sleep early for the long next day on the buses and boats to Chile!


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Mar 292010

Perito Morino Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina
March 29, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Wow, amazing so see this large chunk of frozen nature and watch as pieces crash into the water.

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Mar 282010

Cerro Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina

March 28, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

An amazing day driving over to the park and seeing El Chalten and the Fitz Roy.


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Mar 272010

El Calafate, Argentina
March 27-29, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

El Calafate is a nice small town on a large lake that is near the Perito Morino Glacier and with a drive, the Cerro Chalten in the Los Glaciares National Park, Santa Cruz province, Argentine Patagonia.  The first day driving up to the glacier was a no go, no more entry at that hour, on the second day headed over to see the Fitz-Roy, then before the flight out, morning at the glacier.

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Mar 262010

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
March 26, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Well a day late, but made it to the most southern city in the world, went to go see the old prison train that is still running there.  Not huge amounts to do in the town other than wander the streets.  After paying a cab driver to drive us to the train, instead of him picking us up at the end we rode the train round trip.  Later when we got back to town, he found us and refunded the difference.  Too bad the plane didn’t!  The teachers were doing a protest in the streets that night, saying “don’t let what happened in california happen here!”.  The were up on the world news, so far away.  Too bad it doesn’t happen in reverse.

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Mar 252010

Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 25, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

So after waking up in the morning, checking out of the hotel, getting a cab to the airport and finding first that it is the wrong airport, and second, the airline had cancelled our tickets because they had not been paid for within 24 hour of reserving them.  Kind of complicated there, because it had not yet been 24 Hours and there was no way for online payment.  But, the plane was at the other airport and full they said so we would have to buy a ticket for the next day and the only tickets available were first class.  Well everything else was booked for the trip and this set us off a day, but with no choice went back into town, booked a hotel and then went exploring again.  This time making it to the cemetery in recoleta. Ended the day with dinner in an older restaurant and had chicken maryland… not sure why there is a banana on it deep fried.  The next day, to the airport to find there is no first class section on the plane, but told they will fix it at the next airport.  We spent a total of about 7 hours during the rest of the trip in different waiting rooms for them to refund the difference.  At the end of the trip in Buenos Aires they said they would refund it, but it would take 15 days.  It never happened, it ended up having to be fraud.  The credit card company couldn’t get them to even talk to them.  But, new country to us it was!

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Mar 242010

Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 24, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Started what was to be the last day in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the trip before flying south turned into a strange day.  Getting off the Subte (subway) at the Obelisk, the was a huge demonstration going on.  1000s and 1000s of people just marching, if it was black and white, you would feel like it was 50 years before (you know, before color was invented).  Ending the evening a Recoleta but the cemetery was closed by the time we got there so couldn’t go in.

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Mar 232010

Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 23, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

Some touring, starting with lunch in San Telmo then walking around town to the port area down to the bus station to get tickets and then ending in Retiro.

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