Mar 182010

Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 22, 2010
Trip to South America, 2010

This was the first day of the first trip to South America.  Why SA? Well the cedar pollen and spring was going wild in the north and the idea of a trip to the southern hemisphere came up.   Go to Australia and New Zealand where english is spoken or Argentina and Chile where spanish is spoken.  The descision to go to South America was made for two reasons.  One, because it was going to be easter, and had hopes for maybe some grand parades of some sort which we were unable to find.  The second was that Chile had just had its major earthquake and nobody was visiting there and they were begging for visitors to come.  So we found a cheap flight to get us to Argentina from Seattle since Portland had zero flights that could get us out because of the holiday, spring breaks, etc.   So drove up, stayed the night, flew to Argentina.  The trip was not planned on where to go at all until getting into Argentina, so there was not super amounts of touristy stuff done on the first day or two.  Just hotel and “flight” booking.

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